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David Snow Opticians offers free advice on your Eye Care health by regularly publishing articles and offering a free member subscription service through this blog.  Feel free to read through the articles, join us to receive free advice direct to your inbox and just get in touch you have any questions…

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 We all know that sunglasses are one of summer’s most trendy accessories! You may be under the impression that sunglasses are just a fashionable way to keep the sun out of your eyes but they are actually doing much more than just keeping you from squinting or improving your fashion sense.

The following are characteristics of your summer eye wear that you may have never considered your sunglasses capable of.

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About David Snow Opticians

Eye examinations, sight tests and VDU checks:  We provide regular check ups, monitor for diabetic and glaucoma problems, visual field analysis, colour tests. Our latest diagnostic instruments assist the process.  Eye tests are free on the NHS for children under 19 in full time education and for patients on benefits.

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Eye Health

If you have any eye health concerns,  ask at reception about making an appointment – phone us on 01303 263770, email us at info@davidsnow.co.uk  or use the booking form on this web site.

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It’s all about Quality

At David Snow Opticians the clarity and quality of your vision is of the utmost importance.  We are unique in our vision for quality in order to ensure that your vision needs are met with precision. 

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Open Day, Free Eye Scans & Prosecco!

Who doesn’t love an offer?! Come down to our Open Day on Saturday 1st October and get a FREE Rodenstock DNEye Scan with lens upgrade worth over £100. Oh and did we mention the glass of bubbly?!  You’d really need your eyes tested if you didn’t think this was a great... read more

Sports Eyewear

At David Snow Opticians we can advise you on which specialist product you need to help you stay one step ahead of the competition, whether professional or amateur. Trendy eyewear is good for normal everyday use but is not intended for tough treatment found in sporting activities.

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Charity Prize

David Snow Opticians were pleased to donate a raffle prize at a charity ball to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, which was held at Folkestone Rugby Club on Saturday 25th June 2016.

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The Snow Eye-care Guide to Make-Up!

Are your glasses aging you? They might be if you’re still sporting the specs you wore when Mrs Thatcher was Prime Minister!
Choosing the right frames can take years off your face. Whether you’re shopping for reading glasses or need a pair of shades to fend off wrinkles and sunspots, consider investing in one of our stylish frames that will make you look more youthful and feel great!
Eyeglasses can make a big impact on your appearance, and styling your makeup to complement your glasses all comes down to personal preference. But here are a few trendy tips to help you look your best.

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Blinded by the Bite! Why we need spare glasses…

It’s completely normal for people to misplace things! Certain items like keys and glasses seem to always end up missing, leaving you scrambling to find them on the way out of the house. Over the Christmas and New Year break, one of our patients was staying with relatives. One morning, her son-in-law came down in the morning to find a very guilty looking dog sitting looking mournfully at her well chewed glasses! A quick visit to David Snow Optician sorted the problem out calmly, efficiently and swiftly, thus saving a family crisis and the dog lived to see another day! We never make a drama out of a crisis!

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