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Custom Glasses in Hythe

Custom Glasses in Hythe

Patient really wanted Round Glasses, very happy with these:




Think custom glasses are no longer available?  Think again. A  patient recently went to Specsavers Folkestone to get round glasses and were disappointed they weren’t available, but the patient found it was actually possible to find custom glasses in Hythe.

This Patient then did what most people would have done and did a search on the internet and after a few phone calls rang David Snow opticians in Hythe.

At David Snow Opticians in Hythe not only were we able to help supply exactly what the Patient wanted but at a price the patient was really happy with.

After searching through some different suppliers catalogues two round pairs were ordered in, on approval.

The patient came to see the frames and noticed immediately that they weren’t absolutely round, after some simple manipulation we had some completely round frames.

If this had not worked out, a pair of handmade frames to the patients exact requirements would have been ordered from one of the specialist prescription houses that operate in the UK.

It is also still possible to get customised tints even double or triple gradient tints especially now that larger frames are making a comeback.

At David Snow Opticians we are always happy to help with special requirements or one offs, if you have any query or special requirement please email info@davidsnow.co.uk or ring 01030 263770


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