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Healthy Eyes!

Healthy Eyes!

Make healthy eyes one of your top New Year resolutions for 2017.

Here are some tips to help keep your eyes healthy this year:

Have regular eye tests – A lot of eye-related problems like glaucoma have no visible warning signs, until your vision is completely lost or severely damaged. A routine eye test can help to identify these and other general health issues such as diabetes, before you’re even aware that they exist.

Rest your eyes when using digital devices – Most of us use smart phones, tablets and computers daily. It is thought that these emit harmful blue light, which can give you eye strain, blurry vision and has the potential to cause AMD (macular degeneration). Avoid late night use and make sure you look away from your screen every 20 minutes to rest your eyes.

Take steps to prevent dry eyes – Suffer from red, sore, gritty or watery eyes? Insufficient tears or a poor tear film can make your eyes dry. Computer use, central heating and air conditioning  may make this worse. Assessment at our practice can determine what steps to take next.

Polarised sunglasses – For drivers, we would also recommend keeping polarised sunglasses in your car. Glare from the sun reflects off the hood of a car and the road’s surface and can cause eyestrain, squinting, and temporary blindness. Polarised sunglasses will reduce this glare for you.

Ski Goggles – With ski season in full swing, make sure your eyes are protected by goggles when on the slopes. Anti-fogging features, lenses with 100% UV protection and side shields mean that they will protect you from the moisture, wind, snow and UV rays from the sun.

Stop smoking – Smoking is proven to increase the risk of cataracts, AMD and loss of vision. Remember, it’s still not too late to kick the habit and give your eyes a better chance at staying healthy!

For any information or if you have any queries about your eye care, feel free to visit the practice – we will be happy to answer any questions and advise you on keeping your eyes at the peak of health.

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