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About David Snow Opticians

About David Snow Opticians

Opticians Hythe to offer you the following services:


Sight Tests

Eye examinations, sight tests and VDU checks:  We provide regular check ups, monitor for diabetic and glaucoma problems, visual field analysis, colour tests. Our latest diagnostic instruments assist the process.  Eye tests are free on the NHS for children under 19 in full time education and for patients on benefits.

Vocational Sight Tests

Lorry drivers, train drivers, electricians, pilots – we check that they meet the specific visual standards.

Fashion eyewear

We have built a reputation for great frame selection.  We have budget frames, designer frames – frames to suit all faces, ages and pockets.  And because we want you to be a great advert for our business, you will not walk out with a frame that doesn’t suit you!

Spectacle Lenses

Plastic or glass, bifocals or progressives, photochromic or tinted, anti reflection coated …….. more choice than ever before, more confusing!  We will take the time to explain and help you choose what is right for you.

Contact Lenses

This is an important part of our practice.  We ensure that our patients benefit from any new developments and dedicate time to provide lenses that are effective and comfortable.


We welcome children!  It is so important to check young eyes, as our action can have a significant positive impact on their development and future visual acuity.  We will check general ocular health, vision and muscle balance.  If glasses are needed, we have a great selection of trendy frames for all children.

Dementia Friendly

We are a dementia friendly practice and offer patience to patients!  We have specialist experience in low vision problems.

Other Products

Sunglasses, swimming and ski goggles, sports eyewear, cords and chains, lens cleaners, contact lens solutions and   magnifiers are available in an ever increasing range.

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