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David Snow Opticians offers free advice on your Eye Care health by regularly publishing articles and offering a free member subscription service through this blog.  Feel free to read through the articles, join us to receive free advice direct to your inbox and just get in touch you have any questions…

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Winter Driving

Drivers in their 40s often experience more difficulties with their vision during the winter months and we therefore advise a comprehensive sight test before the bad winter weather sets in – or take the risk of breaking the law as driving with uncorrected vision is not only an offence (punishable with a heavy fine, penalty licence points and possible driving disqualification) but your car insurance is also invalidated!

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Tips for Healthy Eyes!

When you are seeing well, or not having a noticeable visual impairment it’s easy to forget about making an appointment to see your optician. Eye exams are not just for people experiencing changes in their vision. An eye exam is an essential way to detect even the slightest changes to your eye health.

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World Sight Day 2015

World Sight Day 2015 (WSD) is an annual day of awareness held on the second Thursday of October, to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment.
We are thrilled to be contributing towards this great cause. Please consider making a donation in the collection box at David Snow Opticians to help provide someone in a developing country with an eye exam and the glasses they may need.

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Service that’ll make you see the ball with new eyes!

At David Snow Opticians, we believe in ensuring you gain the best service available – without limitation – we’re health care professionals, with a commitment to putting your sight and well-being well ahead of just ‘selling you the cheapest glasses’.
We offer expert advice for adults and children on how our sports spectacles and contact lenses will improve your performance!

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Custom Glasses in Hythe

Think custom glasses are no longer available? Think again. A patient recently went to Specsavers Folkestone to get round glasses and were disappointed they weren’t available, but the patient found it was actually possible to find custom glasses in Hythe.

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Glaucoma – The Thief of Sight

It is estimated that 67 million individuals worldwide have glaucoma more than 50% of individuals with glaucoma are undiagnosed!
This means that out of the estimated 500,000 individuals in the UK that are affected, half are unaware of it.

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