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Service that’ll make you see the ball with new eyes!

Service that’ll make you see the ball with new eyes!

At David Snow Opticians, we believe in ensuring you gain the best service available – without limitation – we’re health care professionals, with a commitment to putting your sight and well-being well ahead of just ‘selling you the cheapest glasses’.

We offer expert advice for adults and children on how our sports spectacles and contact lenses will improve your performance!

We can provide glasses and contact lenses for any sporting activities – such as cycling, golf, tennis, swimming…….

Our lenses will enhance what you want to see and block out sunlight, blue-light, glare and distracting objects and terrain.

The right eyewear can make such a big difference to your enjoyment of your chosen sport – it makes a lot of sense to protect your eyes, enhance your vision and consequently improve your performance with the correct sports eyewear.

We are confident that whatever your sport, you will be more comfortable when glare is eliminated, better protected from eye injury when wearing suitable eye protection and perform better if you are wearing the correct prescription you require for your sport.

Sportswear is available from David Snow Opticians for all types of sports and for all ages – so for a multitude of activities, we are happy to advise on the most appropriate filters and lens types to meet your sporting requirements.



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