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Sports Eyewear

Sports Eyewear

Now that we are all celebrating the success of Team GB at the Olympic Games perhaps its time to be inspired and act upon our sporting ambitions!  Whether you are an Olympian or enjoy a kick-about in the park, specialist sports eyewear should be an essential part of your kit if you want to stay at the top of your game and remain safe! No matter what your fitness ability or interest, there is an activity out there for you.

At David Snow Opticians we can advise you on which specialist product you need to help you stay one step ahead of the competition, whether professional or amateur.

Trendy eyewear is good for normal everyday use but  is not intended for tough treatment found in sporting activities.

Many people believe that any frame is safe for sports – unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case. With trendy frames, the lens might pop out of the frame and into the eye on impact, or the frame itself might break and cause injury.

We all love sports and most of us love to look fashionable too and we often insist that sports and fashion go together, sometimes to our own detriment. For while protective eye gear may never be the latest craze in tennis or squash, think for a moment about the logic of not protecting our eyes.

At David Snow Opticians we are well qualified to advise on your personal needs and would be happy to hear from you…….

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