The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your New Pair of Glasses - Frame Selection

It’s that time of year again. Time to choose your next pair of glasses. But where do you start? Whether you are shopping for a new frame or it’s your very very first frame, the tips below will guide you in the right direction. 

First things first, your eye test. Here at David Snow Opticians, we pride ourselves in providing complete optical services. The cornerstone of a great pair of glasses is clear vision. To ensure you get the optimal performance from your new glasses, make sure to let your optician know what you will be using your glasses for. We can tailor your prescription to you and your lifestyle.

Once you have your new prescription in hand, it’s time to choose the perfect frame to wrap around your lenses.  

Selecting Your Perfect Frame

Many factors will determine your perfect frame. First of which will be what will you be using your new eyeglasses for. Or a better question, in what environment will you be wearing your new pair of glasses? Most people wear their glasses everywhere and for everything. We hate to break it to you but NOT all glasses are created equal. It is usually the case that the glasses you wear to work, sitting in front of a computer screen are not the same pair that you should wear on the beach. Owning multiple pairs is not just recommended, it is in most cases necessary. 

The next thing to consider is the style that you want. Do you prefer a simpler style? Something that will seem to disappear? Or a style that will turn heads that is a bit more daring and bold? Are you looking to make an impression everywhere you go? Or are you looking to fly under the radar? There are so many styles to choose from in both categories. Either way, people will stare, so let us make it worth their while. Let’s break down the different types of frames to make it a bit easier to choose.



Conservative styles are more classic in shape and colour. The most common classic shapes are oval, round, square, and rectangular. They are usually available in basic metallic colourings such as gold, silver, and bronze. There are also acetate (plastic) versions in tortoiseshell, black, or even a transparent crystal clear. These styles are perfect if you want a more traditional look in your eyewear. If you really want your eyewear to blend right into your face, try a semi-rimless or totally rimless frame.

How Should I Start My Search?

So let's have a look at the types of brands you should be focusing your search on. If you're a working professional looking for something that's smart and conservative, Rodenstock make a fabulous range of frames for both men and women that might just be perfect for you. However, if you're looking for something with slightly more flare, you might want to take a look at William Morris. Their frames embody a stylish and somewhat quirky take on traditional shapes, ideal if you're not afraid to hide your character while appearing understated. 

If you've got to this point in the article and you're thinking 'uh oh, there's more to this than I thought...' You'd probably be right in thinking that. After all, your glasses are an extension of your face, so it's important to choose carefully. However, it doesn't need to be a difficult process. Here at David Snow Opticians, our friendly staff are ready to help you select your new pair of glasses, and most importantly, we'll make sure you enjoy the process! The only way to truly know whether you'll like a pair of glasses or not is to try them on. So come and visit us today, you might just find yourself the perfect pair!

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