Guide Dogs - Pupdate 1

Pudding's Journey Begins!

The wonderful trainers and volunteer puppy raisers are dedicated to helping Pudding on her journey to becoming a life-changing guide dog!


Pudding continues to learn and progress, and she is doing excellent in her training so far, and we’re excited to share what she has been up to.

Social skills

Eddie, Pudding's puppy raiser, believed it was important that Pudding had other dogs around so that she knew how to act around them, and it was a
blessing to have their pet dog Arden to act as a big sister to Pudding... and it's safe to say they are like two peas in a pod!

They have so much fun running, playing, and will cuddle up together for a nap once they’ve tired each other out. This socialisation means that when Eddie takes Pudding out training in public, she doesn’t get distracted by other dogs. She never pulls to try and greet them, even if they have stopped for a chat with another dog owner, she just calmly lies down!

Puppy classes

Pudding and Eddie have been attending puppy classes together, and she is doing brilliantly – she picks up new behaviours extremely quickly and, although Eddie might be biased, he think she’s top of her class! She’s already mastered the ‘OK’ cue before eating, however she can sometimes be a bit impatient when they are waiting their turn to try a training task, as she’s excited to learn! They are working on this by encouraging her to settle on a blanket in between tasks.

Out and about

Eddie has made sure to explore some busier environments, such as shops, and Pudding has done very well so far and will be practising more to make sure she’s used to them. She’s even gone on a bus for the first time! It’s important for guide dogs to be comfortable in many different environments, so we are glad she’s taken to them so well for her age.

Play time

To ensure the pups are engaged at all times, Eddie makes Pudding a knotted pull rope, where he loosens the knots and put treats in. Once she has that, she’s entertained for hours! She also loves to collect items and blankets to make her own little nests to nap in, she never chews on things she shouldn’t so Eddie trusts her wholeheartedly.

Pudding is doing so well already, and we can’t wait to update you all on her progress in the next Pupdate.


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