At our practice we supply a wide range of lenses including the following:

  • Daily, weekly, two-weekly and monthly disposables
  • Hard, gas permeable lenses
  • Soft lenses
  • Toric lenses – used to correct astigmatism – in a range of materials
  • Extended wear lenses – these can be left in place overnight
  • Ultraviolet absorbing lenses for sun protection
  • Multifocal contact lenses

Once we have selected your chosen contact lenses, you can start enjoying the benefits of daily or regular contact lens wear.

Here are just a few benefits that stand out to us:


  • Contact lenses grant a more natural look, as they are worn directly on the eyes.
  • Contact lenses do not obstruct vision or reflect anything in view.
  • Contact lenses provide an entire field of focused viewing, which is vital for drivers and sports players.
  • Contact lenses are light to wear and do not result in discomfort when applied and cared for properly.
  • Contact lenses can project a healthy, youthful look.


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